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We are offering a quick and affordable priced solution ( Maintenace and repair) for ADB portable dimmers  and ADB fixed cabinets dimmers, dim modules of Eurodim 1, 2, 3 and Twin Tech dimmers.  

Repair and maintenance prices are incl. upgrades or modifications if needed.

Specials: In need for Fixed power on your dimsockets for moving lights we have ED switchpanels for direct power  Switchblock ED2/3 with 2 breakers  65 euro ex.

ADB Dimmer repair

Jem Fluids

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Roadtech Services repairs lighting, effect, video, LX controllers, dimmers, switches and audio equipment incl. players and turntables

All regular maintenance for automated lights, audio and effect equipment incl. fixed installations in theatres and clubs.

All parts for DIY repairs from major lighting manufacturers are available and come with advice.




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New names and new part-numbers for ordering fluids.

Jem released a new list, so it is clear which fluid has been replaced by their new products and the new Martin /Jem part numbers for ordering. The Fluid Matrix will tell you which fluid can be used from now on for your Smoke/Haze machine.

New Fluid Matrix  Martin/Jem Cross References  How to clean your Smoke/Haze machine

Or Call for more information.

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Update Used equipment

-     M6 controller

-     MH 4 RUSH

-     Rush Par 2 zoom

-     Robe 250 AT

-     Maxxyz Compact V2

-     Maxxyz +

-     M-Touch +rackmount

NEWS     Avolites service and warranty

Roadtech Services is appointed for the technical back-up and repairs; including all warranty issues.

You can contact us for spare parts, maintenance and repairs. For standard repairs and warranty claims you can use our RMA system as usual. If you have recently purchased your Avolites product from Controllux and it is still eligible for warranty, please refer to your purchase invoice from Controllux in your RMA form to get the warranty claimed.

For spare-parts repair, warranty and upgrades you can contact us @ Roadtech Services


uitzonderlijk gesloten - fermeture exceptionnelle 2018/2019

Next :   24/12/2018 --04/01/2019


Elation Professional released new OS for all M-Series consoles and products.

Obsidian Control software   ONYX . 4.0.1010

It includes a new manual inside the system

NOTE :  PLEASE do not install on standard Maxxyz products like Maxxyz Compact.

Do you like to run Onyx on Maxxyz or Maxxyz compact, please call !

We can upgrade your desk with new hardware.



For Martin software and firmware

For Robe software and firmware

For Vari*Lite software and firmware

For Elation software and firmware

MSD  (My Show Designer)



We offer a large stock of Case and Maxxyz parts  used and new for low prices.

Power supplies, Faders, Buttonboards, Midi boards, Output boards, Controller boards, main boards

Displays, touch screens and buttons.  Please, Call for more information.

ISE 2019






Pro Light & Sound

Frankfurt D

ADB is now offering a set of video tutorials to quickly introduce the new features of the Hathor software release.

Available in French and English.

Software and release notes.



IBC 2019


Due to a full maintenance schedule all new RMA's will be handled in Jan,2019