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Today, more than ever, successful theatrical performances feature dynamic interplay between stage components.

Parts that are raised, lowered, or directed need the right energy and data transmission technologies:

● Moveable stage lighting battens/fly-bars and lighted acoustic panels require power and control signals to the moving parts.

● Cables for moving audio systems must be managed.

● Scenery wagons require electrical supply to junction boxes and interlocks.

● Control signals and data bus signals are needed for stage lifts.

● Mobile media towers in the wings require energy supply and control for spotlights, transmission of audio signals, and other necessary energy and data transfer.

● Electrical power, audio, video, and data bus signals must be supplied to revolving stages or rotating props.

When you need the optimum solution for your moving stage and theater applications, call Roadtech Services. With over 30 years of experience all over the world, in every kind of venue, we provide solutions that makes it all run, both over stage and for under-stage machinery.  

We offer competent advice on the selection of the optimum  cables and accessories and project planning to include comprehensive logistical concepts and on-site commissioning.


Flybar upgrade

Flybar upgrade solutions where

weight, space & cablling are an issue

Spring driven cable, hose and cord reels designed

for theatre studios and multifunctional event centers

Spring reels Type 1

For DMX, CAT7, Audio & LX

For 18, 20, 24, 26 x 2.5 qmm Socapex/Harting

Length: 10-30 meter

Spring reels Type 2

Multi Cable: For 18, 20, 24, 26 x 2.5 qmm  Socapex/Harting



Length: 10-20 meter