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Roadtech Services is the official dealer for LSC Control Systems for Belgium & Luxemburg

Australian lighting console and power distribution manufacturer LSC Control Systems has recently appointed Roadtech Services as the exclusive distributor of its products in Belgium & Luxemburg.

Because LSC Control Systems has innovative products, flexible power solutions and shares core values with Roadtech Services this partnership, which took effect in 2023,  follows several years of successful collaboration and technical feedback between the two companies.

If you are looking for technical assistance with your LSC products, thinking of investing in new power management equipment for your venue, please contact Roadtech Services directly.

We can offer you a reliable and flexible solution with the LSC product range.

Explore the LSC product range at the LSC Control Systems homepage

Power and dimming

LSC Unity

For high-performance dimming and power switching applications

Pre-wired cabinet enclosures for up to 96 channels

Different module configurations possible

More information on the LSC Unity product page

LSC Unitour

Portable power solution with power switching modules or dual-mode switch modules

Available as 24 or 48 channel modular system

More information on the LSC Unitour product page

LSC PowerPoint

Power distribution which is both reliable and affordable

Rack-mount with versatile outputs available

More information on the LSC PowerPoint product page


Seamless dimming of conventional lights, power moving lights, LED fixtures, video schreen or audio amplifiers

Flexible solution for controlled power distribution

Rack-mount or wall mount, remotely controllable

More information on the LSC GENVI product page


User Manual (v2.03)

* Ideal for lighting, audio, video gear, and all dimmer & distro needs

* Fully integratable for all network protocols

* USMT (switch) and UDMT (switch/dim) modules or combination

* Residual current curcuit breakers (RCBO) per output channel.

* Configure Control Module with power over ethernet (without 3-phase)

* Real-time display of RMS voltage and currents across all 3 phases + neutral within rack.

* Neutral loss and over-voltage protection; rack will shut down in the event of a dropped neutral before damage can occur on your gear

* Touch Screen or remote control and monitoring via Houston X software

* Configurable warning alarms for over-current, temperature, tripped breakers, phase loss & control signal loss

* Optional ability to send SMS tot system manager if problem arises


User Manual (v2.03)

Consultant specifications

* TruPower (relay switching that bypasses the dimmer circuitry) directly connects the output circuit to the incoming power via a mechanical relay

* Configure eacht channel by software to dim either a conventional load or an LED lamp

* Circuit break monitoring. Any tripped circuit breaker is reported and indicated on the module's front panel

* Over- and undercurrent guard, even with phase loss or signal loss

* RCBO (combined MCB & RCD) with neutral disconnect per channel

* PTFD contol without the need for a dummy load

* Detection of conventional load per channel

* Zero-cross switching; ensures that switched power circuits are turned on at the zero-cross point to minimise nuisance tripping when circuits are relay controlled

* Current-control reduces in-rush current in cold lamps to reduce nuisance tripping of circuti breakers

* Network integratable Art-Net, sACN, 2xDMX512A

* 48 & 96 rack config. 10A, 16A and 25A

* Completely modular system


LSC Control Systems


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